The PPX Report


The PPX Report was created so that the Hospitality Industry could have a platform to announce cool things, collaborate within, share their stories, and to have a gossip and judge-free platform to have a voice. From the mouths of the personalities themselves, “The PPX Report” platforms the Hospitality Professionals and makes their voices more heard than ever in the industry that we all love.

“The PPX Report”. You either know what it means or you don’t. If you do, chances are you have either worked in hospitality service before or you read Kitchen Confidential or one of those “behind the scenes” books about hospitality. If you don’t, the easy answer is, “it’s VIP in French” - personne particulièrement extraordinaire or “extraordinarily important person” - a.k.a. VIP. Before every shift, managers review the PPX list with their staff so everyone is on the same page as far as who’s coming in, who gets what, and who should be treated how.

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